Electrical Safety Inspection

Keep Your Home and Family Safe with an Electrical Safety Inspection

Electrical problems can be devastating for your family and home. Problems can arise with any system and, when electrical systems are not regularly maintained, they are more likely to become faulty or cause a fire.

Mechanical One’s electrical specialists can perform an electrical safety inspection in your home to help you avoid dangerous issues with your electrical system. We’ll check switch and outlet function, identify potential electrical hazards, check smoke and CO2 detectors, inspect electrical panels, and offer our professional recommendations to ensure the safety of you and your family.

Hassle-Free Safety Inspections to Help You Buy or Sell with Confidence

Electrical safety is a real concern for both buyers and sellers. At Mechanical One we can inspect your home’s electrical system to see if it may be unsafe or impractical to modern needs and standards. We can tell you if there are any problems that can be easily remedied, or whether more extensive repairs will be needed to bring an older home up to code.

When to Conduct a Safety Inspection

  • Before buying or selling a home
  • When purchasing or upgrading a major appliance
  • During a major home remodel
  • After a major weather event

Your Safety is Our #1 Priority

Mechanical One is dedicated to providing reliable, quality work to all of our clients. With our field-tested electrical safety inspection service, we can ensure the optimal performance of your home’s electrical system, giving you peace of mind that your family is safe and increasing the value of your home in the process.

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