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Dependable Plumbing Fixture Installation & Repair

Plumbing fixtures are critical to every home — they provide occupants with access to running water. If the installation isn’t done properly, you could end up with a myriad of costly problems, including leaks, water damage, uneven fixtures, and damage to the new fixture and/or its surroundings.

At Mechanical One, we’re your source for expert plumbing fixture installation. Our technicians have the training, tools, and experience necessary to do the job quickly, efficiently, and with precision.

Whether you’re upgrading for a new look, new features, or just need to replace a problematic fixture, we know that making the right choice on new fixtures can be a difficult task. That’s why we offer guidance and recommendations on what products will work best for your home, including fixtures like:

  • Sinks, faucets, & spigots
  • Showers & bathtubs (including whirlpool tubs)
  • Toilets

Signs It May Be Time To Replace A Plumbing Fixture

There are so many reasons to consider a brand new plumbing fixture — from home remodeling projects, to useful new features like whirlpool tubs or a two-sided sink. But those aren’t the only reasons to explore a replacement. Other factors to consider can include:

  • High or increasing water bills
  • You’re experiencing trouble with your current fixture (like leaks or deterioration)
  • Poor or unreliable water pressure

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